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Today, over 50 percent of the world’s population lives in cities and other urban areas and the number is radiply growing. As the world continues to urbanize, the challenge for public authorities is how to protect public spaces and infrastructures from various safety and security threats and create safe and secured living environments for billions of citizens. In such a complex operational environment, efficient management tools are needed to link different operators together, collect data from various sources and sharpen decision-making.

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Efficient and integrated security systems

As public security systems become increasingly complicated and versatile sensors, mobile devices and temporarily placed video cameras are widely utilised, there is a growing need for efficient and smart tools to manage operations and all the produced information. We can help you address the challenges by seamless integration of data from every part of your security system — ranging from different security and information systems to third-party and non-security systems— under a single umbrella system. Combining video with other sources of data enables creating an accurate big picture of events, and a clear, real-time view of situations adds efficiency to decision-making and leads to faster response times.

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Mobile video surveillance in city and nationwide video surveillance systems

Our guide aims to present key insights and practical knowledge on achieving efficient, safe and secure mobile surveillance operations. Furthermore, it provides guidance on seamlessly connecting mobile video sources as well as mobile clients to the main Video Management System.

Trust-based safety and advanced cybersecurity technologies

Trust has emerged as an important topic in safety management especially when it comes to video surveillance and security solutions and protection of personal and private data. We are committed to provide our customers with “trust-based safety” systems designed and built in compliancy our corporate responsibility. In addition, our advanced cybersecurity technologies allow you to keep your data safe at all times. Harnessed with latest cyber security technologies, our modern, well-designed video security systems feature powerful tools for tackling data security and privacy issues.

Fostering digital transformation and smart cities

Intelligent technology, situational awareness solutions, and fast communication networks such as 5G, play a key role in building a smarter and safer tomorrow. For us at Teleste, they also enable innovating beyond our traditional video management competences for the benefit of our customers. Our contribution to the digital transformation will foster new tools to utilise and manage real-time data and improve effectiveness and responsiveness in versatile operational infrastructures.

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Are you looking for solutions to improve safety and security within your infrastructure? See our video security and situational awareness offering.

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